Server, Client, and Shared

Alright, so an important aspect of Garry's Mod is understanding the difference between the Server, the Client, and Shared.
In the wiki, if you noticed there were colours next to it that I said I'd explain it later.
This is where I explain it, the blue is the Server. The orange is Client and the green? HMMM Shared :)
On the wiki though, shared is not green. Shared is Half blue and half orange to indicate both client and server can use it
Alright, anyways let's break them down one by one. This is a simpleish section so it should be short.

The Server
So, the server is the thing that controls mostly everything. The server is what a player joins into a server, it is what the gamemode is on and how the players move and such.
There are certain things that only the server can do and certain things the client can do.

The Client
This is what draws the huds, does certain aspects like bhop, and gun models + animations. The client is honestly mostly the most fun at times to draw cool shapes and such.

If you couldn't figure this out... I swear. This is shared between both.
The server & the client can access the variables and such from the file.

Coding Aspects

So where this would be useful is for folders, and file names, and code in general.
When you go to create a file, it asks for a name (obviously) and from there you gotta think..
Is the server going to be using this or client or both?
If you think server, prefix the file with sv_
Client, prefix with cl_
and shared, prefix with sh_

These help GMod indicate which file goes where and what files to send over to the client joining.

Next, we learn about functions!